Game of Thrones

Hey, we all love a freebie, right? Especially when the thing in question is not just something good, but something great. Something awesome. That thing on this occasion is the Season 4 premiere of HBO’s adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s fantastic Game of Thrones series. It’s available right now via a fairly obvious advertisement for the HBO app on your Xbox 360, and if you haven’t checked it out already, it’s more than worth a look if you’re in the USA.

The news is less encouraging for Xbox 360 owners in the UK, however, because neither the NOW TV nor Sky apps appear to be offering this episode of Game of Thrones for free, so you’ll need to subscribe as normal. Unfortunately, the XBLA Fans spies from other regions are yet to report on whether or not they have free access to this fantastic season premiere, but it seems very likely to be a US-only deal for the moment.

For anyone interested in the mythos surrounding Martin’s epic work, don’t forget that Telltale Games is planning to bring an episodic version of Game of Thrones to the 360 in the near future, and we’re certainly waiting with baited breath to see just how that turns out!