You read the headline right; Starfire Studios has announced their first project, which just so happens to be an ambitious twin-stick shooter that contains elements of a massive multiplayer online game. Enter Fusion: Genesis, a futuristic twin-stick shooter that blends action-packed combat with elements of an MMO allowing players taking on quests, and even participate in PvP and raids. Instead of putting players through set levels with a clear beginning and end, the environments of Fusion: Genesis are wide open spaces in which players are free to roam, free to interact with who they want (both NPC and other players) and free to fight who they want. If you’re thinking you haven’t heard of something like Fusion: Genesis before, its because you’re right. Peep the debut trailer above and let the game talk for itself or head on over to the game’s official website for more details!

When Fusion: Genesis ships, it will include a single-player campaign, four-player co-op, and pit up to 8-players against each other in open world PvP. While a release date is not yet available, the ambitious concept and track record of the folks at Starfire (former Rare employees) have us sweating in anticipation. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for more Fusion: Genesis news as it breaks!

Source: Eurogamer