Just two indie games complete this weeks release schedule on Xbox One. First up we have Exile’s End an exploration-driven side-scrolling adventure platformer from Magnetic Realms. Set in a massive, interconnected laboratory and mining complex on an alien world players, will need to solve puzzles through skilled platforming and clever usage of the game’s myriad of weapons. The game features an enormous, interconnected world of over 1,200 screens to explore, as well as online leaderboards, survival and spreedrun modes, and a soundtrack by Keiji Yamagishi, legendary composer for Ninja Gaiden (NES), Tecmo Super Bowl and Dynasty Warriors. Pick it up for $9.99

The only other release today is ClusterTruck from Landfall Games and tinyBuild. The game is a twist on the platformer genre set atop a highway packed with speeding trucks. Players will need to use agility and acrobatics, along with unlockables such as a grappling hook, truck cannon and time-control abilities, to make it through the insane levels in a game of “the floor is lava”. ClusterTruck is one of those few games that comes with a free trial so why not check it out before dropping the $14.99 asking price.