Three new releases tie up another busy week on Xbox One. First up we have BLEED 2 from Boot Disk Revolution and Digerati Distribution. BLEED 2 welcomes back pink-haired heroine Wryn, the world’s greatest, and only remaining, hero, as she fights to defend the globe from an invading force of villains. Master the art of air-dodging and bullet-reflecting to stylishly take down a relentless barrage of bad guys and bosses, and naughty kittys! Pick it up here for $14.99.

Also releasing today is Quantic Pinball from Shine Research and Plug in Digital, an addictive pinball game with non-stop arcade action. The game features 8 different table game mini-modes, 6 original tables and a special one for retro-arcade addicts. Complete all the tables and test your skill with the Special table and its invaders’ infinite waves. Buy it now for $4.99.

Finally we have HD shootem’ up Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition from TOMAGameStudio. Featuring 56 puzzle maps, 4 difficulties and an original instrumental rock soundtrack. Players can destroy huge bosses and dodge thousand of bullets on their own and compete for the top stop on the leaderboards, or team up with friends in 4-player offline co-op. Pick it up here for $7.99.