Just two new releases for us indie game fans today. First up is Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare from Mobirate Ltd, a blood-and-guts action-strategy game with a sense of humor. Players will need to kill raid after raid of zombies, collect supplies and look for survivors all while defending your bus. Gameplay takes place over a huge world with numerous locations, upgrades, special items and optional quests. Pick it up here for $19.99.

Today’s other release is Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala, a hidden object adventure game from Artfex Mundi. Players will finally learn about the finale to this exciting detective series. This time the demonic preacher has escaped to the remotest mountains in pursuit of a grim secret that could give him ultimate power. Buy it here for $11.99 for the next 10 days or $14.99 thereafter.