Chances are you’ve more than likely finished the tasks assigned to you for week seven of season six. Congratulations on the completion, though let’s be honest, it was a pretty easy feat. If you’ve finished every week up to this point, then that means you’ve successfully unlocked the Hunting Party character skin. The character is a robot that wears red shorts and wears a computer back bling that displays your total kills during a match. The character is not the only reward for completing this week of challenges. Week seven includes a secret battle star hidden inside another loading screen waiting to be found. Once you load up the image, you’ll see the Calamity character pointing towards Kevin the cube just as he’s about to explode. There are many various other character skins surrounding the area as well, which seems to simulate the cube event that ended Fortnitemares. Looking over the image, players should be able to see the somewhat distant battle star just above an object on the far right side of the image. The location may be hard to recognize, but this is the new Leaky Lake that was created after the event had finished completely. The destination, in general, is a boat that’s to the southwest of the center of the location.

Once you head to this location, you’ll see the boat. It’s identifiable as it has a chest on the inside of the boat. On the very tip of the boat, the battle star will appear. Simply collect it, which will as always finish the secret challenge, and then complete the match. This will reward you one free battle pass level. Here is a map to lead you to the exact position.