The Fable Legends open beta has been delayed to Spring 2016 after Lionhead was unable to meet their announced release window of this holiday season. The game has been in closed beta since October 16th, 2014 and players have been consistently added to the servers. The servers are now running 24/7 and Lionhead plans to add an additional 100,000 players to the closed beta over the next few weeks. The reason for the delay is that the game has become bigger than anyone anticipated and is “the most ambitious game we’ve ever created at Lionhead.” The combination of a deep multiplayer role-playing game (RPG) system and real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay had simply become something much grander than was ever expected. All announced features are still expected to be a part of the game, including Xbox One and Windows 10 cross-platform play.

Source: Fable Legends