With the launch day creeping up closer and closer, Experience has posted two versions of the second trailer for Stranger of Sword City on the studio’s official YouTube channel.

The “Classic Style” trailer shows the game being played with classic high-fantasy-style art assets by artist Yoko Tsukamoto.

The “New Style” trailer shows the game being played with modern-day anime artwork by artist Oxijiyen.

The inclusion of two art styles is a nice touch for players who may have different artistic tastes. Players who like a more old-fashioned style recalling dungeon-crawler ’90s RPGs like Ultima Underworld, Might & Magic and Wizardry should check out the classic-style artwork. Those who may have played some of Experience’s anime-styled dungeon RPGs, meanwhile, can opt into the new style artwork and feel right at home.

In both trailers, Stranger of Sword City‘s item system (management and identification), party member management, class changing for characters, auto-mapping, auto-movement and the difference between normal battles versus the “fast battle” options are previewed.

The end of both trailers does provide information about an “8-hour free trial” version that will be available when the game releases on Xbox One in North America on March 22. Should the player choose to buy the game after playing the demo, their demo save data can be imported to the full release, allowing players to proceed without needing to start over after purchasing.