Today EA revealed their new title, Microbot, the unique arcade-shooter that takes place in a new locale: the human body.Read on for the full scoop!

MicroHexon has developed new nano-bot technology, fully autonomous and no larger than a blood cell. They are injected into a diseased body, and clean up the mess. But something has gone wrong (seems like nothing can ever work like it is supposed to!) and the nanobots have attached to the disease and are spreading rapidly. So what else can they do, but inject a new prototype to clean up the mess!

Players will travel through veins, bones, lungs, and every other part of the human body to eradicate the enemies. And the levels are always new, dynamically created so it’s never the same twice. Over the course of the game you collect data fragments to unlock over 20 upgrade parts to customize your bot for any situation.

“We wanted to take gamers to a place they have rarely visited before — the world inside the human body. The fluid dynamics of the world and the customization of the MicroBot come together to create a unique take on the arcade shooter genre,” said Jason Haber of Electronic Arts. “MicroBot is an energetic and addictive game that is perfect for anyone that plays games on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.”

The game also features drop in-drop out co-op where you can fight alongside each other competitively or cooperatively. Scheduled to launch in Winter 2011 for XBLA and PSN, this game looks very unique and exciting. And XBLAFans will keep you updated with all upcoming news for this title.