Strategy breakdown

Boss level time! While this map is symmetrical, the boss comes out of G, meaning defenses there should eventually be stronger. If you ever get lost, the blue carpet denotes the “West”, where G is, and where the boss is, so use that as a guide. This level is a fun one due to how much of a death pit choke point 1 is, and the long semi-open hallways as well. Start this level like you’ve started every other level, blockades at 2, 3, 4 & 5. Now 1 is the special case here, much can be done as long as that area is defended in some fashion that doesn’t let ranged enemies down the stairs as they will take potshots at the crystal from fairly high up.

After placing blockades at each of the chokepoints comes taking care of 1. There are many, many strategies here, but ideally combine blockades, auras/traps and a couple towers to the side. Our recommendation will be a Slice N Dice, Spike blockades behind it for insurance, an ensnare aura over it, and any sort of damaging tower to the left and right of it away from the enemy paths. 1 should be good for the rest of the game at that point, just needs to be upgraded regularly.

Now for the rest of the map. This map is perfect for a couple of heroes with beefy hero stats to destroy enemies as they follow the rather lengthy paths to 1, 2 and 5. However, it’s important to make use of traps and auras here. Traps are best for 4 & 3, while auras are best for 2 & 5. Blue needs a Strength Drain aura for sure when boss time comes, and perhaps a healing aura but that doesn’t need to be placed until the end. Behind 3 and 4 (that is, towards the crystals) place towers of any sort both for anti air and for ground attacks. If you put fireball towers, be sure to use lightning or something that can cover for the fire resistances.

Tips & tricks

  • The map can be done symmetrically until the final wave, use ethereal spike traps, Slice N Dice blockades, and Deadly Striker towers to beat the boss.
  • The boss can push back barricades, so don’t lure him down the steps.
  • Kobolds will be a problem for 2 – 5, and mages will be a problem for 1.

Video Guide


Boss loot:

  • Monk – Sword Test No.8
  • Apprentice – Spare Actuator
  • Squire – Diamond-Tipped Carver
  • Huntress – W-1893 Voltmeter


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