Challenge – Warping Core

Recommended group – One Level 70 Squire/Monk, Two Level 70 Huntresses.

Reward for completing on Insane – Huntress – Crystal Tracker

Defense Units – 90

Once again as with all the Insane challenges the premise is simple. Protect the crystal, but this time it will warp to one of six locations randomly. Now as with Unlikely Allies, your best bet is to kill the enemies as quickly as possible, this to ensure you are completely protected as you can’t predict where the crystal will go. This is done by blocking off their spawns with Slice N Dice and Auras.

The basic rule with this one is not to leave the crystal unprotected by players at any point. The reasoning behind using Slice N Dice instead of Bouncer Blockades is because Bouncers have a habit of propelling enemies past them and not doing their intended job, they also take damage much more quickly in comparison. When the sixth wave comes you will encounter an Ogre, he should become the main priority as soon as he appears. It is important to note that there is no Wyverns to annoy you on this challenge.

Once the areas around their spawns and the paths leading to the crystal are effectively blocked, the main problem will then come from Archers. They have a tendency of sitting below the crystal on the side spawns and shooting it. This can be blocked by sitting a Spiked Blockade on top of the ridge. The Monk’s Ensnare and Electric Auras should be placed in the bottom Left and Right warp locations, this area is the most flat and open area and needs to dealt with the quickest.

You can place things where the crystal will warp to, just not while it is there. It should be noted that even if you follow this guide, there is a chance the crystal will be destroyed. There is a certain degree of luck in the locations and timing that the crystal warps to.