Challenge – Unlikely Allies

Recommended group – One Level 70 Squire/Monk, Two Level 70 Huntresses

Reward for completing on Insane – Squire – Ogres Safety Razor

Defense Units – 80

This challenge is another easy one in the grand scheme of things. Instead of a crystal to protect you must protect an Ogre, he will wander around and try to attack things and only has about 12,000 health. Since when he walks into emplacements he moves them around your best bet is to try and kill the enemies as quickly as possible by blocking them in with Ensnare Auras and Electric Auras in front of their spawn followed by a good dose of Slice N Dices mixed with Bowling Ball Turrets.

Now he will try to push into their spawns but the trick is he will go to the most populated areas, so for instance if he starts walking towards point A and you rush ahead and kill the majority of enemies he will lose interest and head to point B. If you again rush ahead and kill the enemies in point B, by the time this has happened point A has started to repopulate and he will start walking towards it again. You can use this to your advantage and keep our friend in a sort of limbo state endless walking backwards and forwards.

Of course this not fool proof so again the best bet is to kill everything as quickly as possible. On the very last wave another ogre comes to greet his friend, it should be your utmost important objective at this point to kill him as quickly as possible as your friendly Ogre will run towards him, and can be killed in very few hits. Something important to note is that the enemy ogre will always come from the very front entrance. So if your groups DPS isn’t exactly mind boggling you can set up a Strength Drain Aura in preparation.