Challenge – Treasure Hunt

Recommended group – One Level 70 Squire/Monk, Three Level 70 Huntresses.

Reward for completing on Insane – Apprentice – Shambalas Lay

Defense Units – 150

This at first may seem a little daunting but really this is a very simple challenge, find the required number of gold mana that is dropped by golden enemies whom have more health than usual. To start you should know that there is no Wyverns during this challenge, which undoubtedly simplifies things immensely.

You will how ever encounter constantly spawning Ogres, as well as everything else. Since the goal is to kill the golden enemies which randomly spawn and collect their gold mana you should try and concentrate on killing enemies as fast as possible.

This is achieved by building defenses offensively, and having them as close to enemy spawn points as possible without blocking enemies in so that they can’t be damaged. It should be noted the Ogres have their own spawn point at the bottom of the map and as soon as they spawn they should become the players center of attention. It is possible to have a golden Ogre appear, they will have a ton more health than usual but they do drop two golden mana at a time.

As you progress the challenge doesn’t come from dealing with the ever spawning enemies but keeping everything repaired, which is why this is best done with four players. Overall how ever this challenge isn’t too tough and you should be able to pass this with flying colors.