Challenge – Raining Goblins

Recommended group – One Level 70 Monk, One Level 70 Squire, Two Level 70 Huntresses.

Reward for completing on Insane – Apprentice – Goblin Overlord’s Charge

Defense Units – 85

This challenge is a bit tricky and there is no fool proof way of doing it. The idea is to barricade the crystal in with Bouncing Blockades and Ensnare Auras. The front side has the most amount of enemies pouring into it so the Monk sits up the front between the two alley ways with his Tower Boost Ability on healing the Auras and Towers but also helping clear out enemies.

One Huntress assists in clearing the front way as well as helping repairing things. The Squire sits in the middle with the crystal playing body guard. He needs to ensure no enemies from the sides get to the crystal.

The last Huntress sits down the back clearing our her end, it won’t get as much traffic as the front but it will get some. During the last two waves you will encounter Orcs. These are the larger enemies that you usually find with Goblins. They have quite a bit of health in comparison to the Goblins so they should not be underestimated.

A single Orc can devastate defenses and prove lethal if left alone. The main thing to worry about is keeping defenses upgraded and repaired, if your team is not killing enemies they should be repairing.