Dungeon Defenders looks to be March’s Games with Gold offering. One of our favorite games of 2011, Dungeon Defenders offers a deep co-op experience merging tower defense with action-RPG excitement. If you ignored our recommendation back then, anyone with a gold membership can pick up the game for free until March 31.

Sadly, the game was another example of a great console game outclassed by the adaptability of its PC counterpart. Dungeon Defenders offered additional content on PC, including skins and new characters: Ranger, Initiate, Countess and Adept. Trendy did release four additional levels for console in its Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC packages that can be purchased separately for an additional $4 each.

The Games with Gold promotion is a great move for developer Trendy Entertainment. Players get a taste of a great game, but if they enjoy it, Trendy can still charge them for the definitive version (PC). Unfortunately this is a perfect example of why Gold members have been vocal that Games with Gold still leaves something to be desired when compared to PlayStation Plus. Microsoft is offering an older game that the developers openly cited XBLA policies for the limited DLC support. As of now, the sequel is slated for PC only.