Strategy breakdown

The first three waves will all come from doors B,C and D. So Choke points 2 and 3 are the most vital ones for the early part of the level. By wave 4 you will want to have a walled defense at choke points 1 and 4 for the larger Orc enemies that will come out of doors A and E during the last two waves.

Tips & tricks

  • At the choke points, try to build a barricade with ranged weapons right behind that barricade.
  • Instead of repairing traps and towers, upgrading them will help save you money. So if a trap or tower is badly damaged, just upgrade it. In this level, no trap or tower should need to be leveled up more than once in order for you to beat it with ease.
  • During the 4th and 5th waves, the larger Orc enemies that come from doors A and E will be the top priority. They are single, bigger enemies but they can reach some traps from outside the attack range of the trap. So make sure these Orcs don’t bring down your entire barricades at certain choke points.

Video Guide

As a general rule, you’ll want to play this level a few times before moving on to the next level and preferably with each character. That way you will have an acceptable amount of traps and towers that you can build for each preceding level. Some levels will require specific traps and towers in order to earn the “flawless victory” award and even the early levels will be a bit tricky with an underpowered character.


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