WayForward have been hard at work on a lot of projects, with this year’s XBLA offering in the form of the 80’s throwback Double Dragon Neon. We’ve previewed the game a couple times from its first appearance at PAX East to its E3 2012 showing. But now we finally have a release date announced today on their Facebook. It’ll be released September 12 for the low price of 800 MSP, which is awesome considering their last not-so-stellar release of Bloodrayne Betrayal was 1200, now recently reduced. As someone who’s played it at PAX East, it’s definitely going to be a fun throwback brawler where it might lack the speed you’re used to but if you grew up with the NES Double Dragon games, you’ll feel right at home. Get your fists pumping and high fives ready when this hits in September.

Source: Facebook