A pair of new Microsoft FCC filings noticed by NeoGAF user “ekim” could potentially betray the existence of two new Xbox One models.

The two listings, model numbers 1682 and 1683, are for a “wireless accessory radio” and a “dual-band wireless LAN radio,” respectively. The LAN radio filing references user manual 1525, which happens to be model number the FCC assigned to the original Xbox One and its wireless chip. If you own one, you can find “FCC ID C3K1525” on it underside. C3K is the FCC’s unique identifier for Microsoft and 1525 for the Xbox One.

Conversely, Microsoft’s wireless accessory radio filing does not contain any reference to the Xbox One’s manual. This has fueled speculation that the two filings represent two new Xbox models, one potentially being a slimmer/sleeker version of the current Xbox One and the other much-talked-about Xbox One.Five.

More specific details of the filings, such as photos and the Xbox One user manual, are currently private and will not be unveiled until June 25 (model 1683) and July 29 (model 1682). Perhaps not coincidentally, these dates fall after the industry’s annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, which kicks off on June 14, the date of Microsoft’s annual E3 media briefing.

Phil Spencer

It was Xbox boss Phil Spencer who first suggested that such a thing could be possible during the Xbox One Spring Showcase event. At the time, Spencer said that gamers would one day see Microsoft “come out with new hardware capability during a generation.” He did not, however, specify whether or not that generation would be the current one.

Moreover, Spencer recently stated that he is not, in fact, “a big fan of Xbox One and a Half.”

Sources: FCC 1682 and 1683 via GamesRadar