Kuno Interactive announced via Twitter this week that they’ll be releasing Defense Technica on XBLA and PSN on October 9th. Steam users can download the game on October 10th.

Who are Kuno Interactive? They are a new developer from Seoul South Korea and on their site it mentions that they either are working on or have released such games as Moro Moro Train and Mutant Defense; both titles are for the PSN. A quick search of the internet did not yield any results for either game.

Very little is out on the internet about Defense Technica. Below is a a short paragraph that was posted on and clearly written in broken English:

“New strong man Defense Technica high-quality 3D Tower Defense! Defense Technica you with a great balance and strategic system to protect the core with a rapidity judgment and beautiful graphics, It is a defense game of the best thing to defend the core effectively against the enemy coming to attack is an object.”

What was discovered is that there is a mobile version of this game already out for Android. The game was released by a company called Com2uS along with Kudo Interactive. The other titles that Com2uS have released have also been developed for the Android platform. These titles are Golf Star, Tiny Pop, 9 innings: 2013 Pro Baseball, Tiny Farm and Heroes War.

According to the Google Play site, Defense Technica is a 3D Tower Defense game which boasts three “groundbreaking” features:

Path Rotation & Tower Building will allow gamers to build towers in rotating paths to defeat enemies. Gamers will receive various resources for upgrading towers. As the tower is upgraded, striking power will be increased to defeat waves of enemies.

Collecting & Combining Tower cards will allow for the creation of unique cards and upgrades. There is a trading system that will allow gamers to sell existing unwanted cards for new cards.

Ether Repair & Attack items are used to wipe out enemies and to repaid the core of the tower. During later stages, waves of enemies are stronger so therefore Ether will be critical for survival.

For more info, please watch the trailer below:

Source: Twitter