Decimation X3 is a 4 player shoot ’em up and thrilling sequel to the #1 Japan hitDecimation X, and proud member of the Indie Games Winter Uprising. Back with intensified gameplay, extra power-ups, more firepower, improved retro graphics, huge bosses, and a beautifully remixed Imphenzia soundtrack. Developed by the “empower the player” philosophy of Xona Games, award-winning creators of Duality ZF and Score Rush.  It currently is selling for 80MS Points (1 USD) in the Indie Games section of the marketplace.

How does it hold up to my rigorous tests?  Well you know you have to click read more to find out.

Let me start off this review saying that it was quite difficult to even sit down and write this review.  I honestly can’t put the controller down when it comes to this game.   There has only been one other indie shooter that has done this to me, and that was Mommy’s Best Games “Shoot 1Up”.   I just can’t seem to get enough of this title, and the price shouldn’t scare a single person away , but these are just my accolades.  Let’s take a look as some facts about the game.

Since its release on December 7th, 2010, the game is currently ranked #1 in 3 countries, one of those being Japan, ranked #2 in Canada, where Xona Games resides, and one of the top sellers in the US.   Going on that stat alone, should be enough to get you out there to buy this game.   If you are a shoot’em up fan, there is definitely no reason not to by this title.

Sticking to the format we do here…

What I liked:

Graphics:  They are well designed and beautifully done.   At first, you feel like you are playing space invaders with how things move on the screen and drop “bullets” down on you from above.   Then you get to this huge “Tron” looking “ship” and you know from then on out its game on!   The graphics give you that great retro feel, while being crisp, clean and well done.

Controls: Very tight feeling, even though you are moving on a 2d plane.  When you get to the later levels, the controls become very important and need to be tight.   Picking your path through the bullet rain that the later levels throw at you is extremely important and you need tight handling to deal with it.   Also, best kept secret in the game, the right and left bumpers slow down how fast your ship moves to make the handling even tighter!

Price point:  Hours and hours of schmup fun for 80MS points!  Where can you go wrong?!  Nothing more needed to be said here!

Four Player coop:  Grab three buddies, and have a go at this game.  The game places everyone on the screen at the same time.   Not only do you need to fight your heart out to get as many points as possible to best your friends, but you need to snag those power ups before they do!

What I don’t like

Lack of online leader boards: The only thing that is missing, which is a little upsetting with a game like this, but easily overlooked.  This isn’t the kind of issue that will cause the game to lose it’s fun.  It would be awesome to see how you are ranking in relation to the other players that have this game.   You never know though, they might add this in a later title update.

All and all, as I said I love it, and I feel it’s worth every MS point!   Seriously, why are you still here reading this?!

Score: BUY IT!