Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the deal of the week knows the quickest way to the heart…is through the chest cavity. This week is all about zombies and the many ways you can put them down. There’s plenty to choose from — as long as it’s got an isometric camera. Xbox Live Gold Members will have access to these deals through Monday, February 18.

Starting off is Zombie Driver HD, the newest release on the list that pits you and your modified ride against roaming hoards of the mutated undead for a paltry 400 MSP. Zombie Apocalypse, the twin-stick shooter, is half-price at 400 MSP. The sequel, Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone, is also available at the same price of 400 MSP; while its Pure Pwnage Pack DLC, featuring Doug and Jeremy from the Canadian web series of the same name, can be scooped up for 200 MSP.

Wrapping up the deals are the games for the younger zombie lovers out there. All Zombie Must Die! features cooperative zombie-killing gameplay with zany weapons in a cartoon aesthetic for 400 MSP. Finally, Zombie Wranglers rounds out the list at 200 MSP, originally 400 MSP. Hit the images to check out each specific sale.

ZombieDriverHD_Art          ZombieApocalypse_Art          ZombieApocalypse_NeverDieAlone_Art

AllZombiesMustDie_Art          Zombie_Wranglers