A number of XBLA games have gone on sale this week that you may not be aware of. It slipped by us yesterday, but Deal of the Week this week actually features 3 XBLA games from Japanese developers CAVE and sees 50% off their regular price. NIN2-JUMP is reduced to 200 MSP, Guwange to 400 MSP and Virtual-On OT is now 600 MSP from May 1 to May 7. Another discount to take note of is that the highly enjoyable Kinect release Haunt, has been reduced by 50% from 800 MSP down to 400 MSP. This one is not listed as a Deal of the Week but it is still a gold exclusive sale.

Finally, Hasbro Family Game Night has had each of it’s add-on games, including family favourites such as Battleships, Boggle and Connect 4 reduced by 50%. This discount is available to everyone and it’s not clear whether it’s a permanent reduction or just a temporary sale. However before you drop any points on this, bear in mind that EA recently switched off the online servers for Family Game Night, so gameplay is strictly an offline affair now.