In the hallowed halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center today XBLA Fans’ Editor in Chief, John Laster, found out a tasty little tidbit about a big prequel of a classic series. Serious Sam 3 has a very good chance of being a digital release on the Xbox 360 this year. This would be well in the cards for the game seeing that it would be following in the footsteps of Serious Sam HD: The First and Second Encounters, the HD re-releases of the original twitch PC shooters. Croteam says that things are still up in the air, and are evaluating what method of distribution is most viable for the Xbox platform. So, while not confirmed quite yet, XBLA is looking more likely as it’s destination.

Serious Sam 3 will be, as stated before, a prequel set in 22nd century Egypt during a final struggle against a terrible evil. From what has been shown of SS3 thus far, it will be a welcome and smart addition to the XBLA platform.