E3 2012 is just days away and if the last few years are any indication that means we will soon find out which games will feature in this years Summer of Arcade promotion. In previous years it has been host to some true classics, including: Trials HD, Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers and Braid.

Places look to be hotly contested this year with just about every unreleased XBLA game currently sitting with a nebulous “summer” release window, many no doubt hoping to make the cut. With some of the biggest selling games on Xbox Live being entries in previous years it’s easy to see why. It’s anybody’s guess which games will make it, and in that vein we want you to tell us which games you think will be a part of the promotion this year. This isn’t just for fun either, we’ve got prizes! Find out how to enter and what you could win below.

To enter simply list the five games you think will be in this years Summer of Arcade in the comments below. Label them 1-5 with 5 being the one you are most certain of and 1 being your least certain choice. The winners will be the two people who get the most games right. In the event of a tie we will take those rankings and assign point values (pick 5 being five points and so on) and total those up to determine a winner. If you need help remembering what’s coming out, check our comprehensive list of games we expect to be out this year.

Once Microsoft announce the line-up (most likely during or around their conference this coming Monday) we will determine the two winners. What will they win? Glad you asked! Our friends at RedLynx love what we’re doing with Trials Tuesdays so much they’ve sent us awesome Trials Evolution flags to give away. Now even if your buddies beat your best time on Gigatrack you can still one up them with this rad swag-flag.

Update: Please note we will only be using your original entry, edits will not be counted. If you wish to change your guesses please post a new comment with your new choices (Please make it a reply to your original comment).