In an preview on Hookshot Inc., we got additional details on the upcoming Bloodforge from Climax and Microsoft Game Studios. The story so far involves a warrior named Crom, who refuses to kill the gods but they decide to screw his life up by killing his wife. Don’t you hate when that happens? Now Crom isn’t a happy camper and looks to get the revenge he wants by killing the gods and looking for explanations.

Other cool details involve the combat system with X for light and Y for heavy attacks. Pretty simplistic since Climax wants it to appeal to a lot of newcomers who’ll button mash but will learn the intricacies of the system for deeper combat. You’ll need to master the combat to create a bloody mess with your sword or hammer, even claws! You’ll also have a blood gauntlet since you’ll need all that blood from your enemies to make you go into “berserk mode” where you’ll be invincible and slow down time, just enough to be a killing machine.

The game was written in 15 months by 20 people and looks gorgeous. Keep an eye out for this one when it releases at the end of April. No price has been announced but keep your blood pressure high when checking the site for more details forthcoming.

Source: Hookshot Inc.