Blocks: The Devilish Delivery Game is a casual puzzle game that was released by Darkwind Media January 29, 2011 for 240 Microsoft Points.  The object of the game is to deliver a box to the floating island. It sounds easy enough, but the delivery platform can only fire rockets on one side of the platform at a time.  Also, players must beat the clock to get it there through a maze of twists and turns.

The control scheme for the game is simple, right trigger or bumper controls the right side rockets, and the left trigger of bumper controls the left side rockets.   As stated players can only fire one set of rockets at a time.  The whole idea is to move the platform with the box to the island and keep things as balanced as possible.

Here’s what we liked:

Physics – The most important part of the game is the best implemented part.  The physics in this game are spot on, and players are left to balance the package on the platform while moving it through the level.  It’s a battle versus both the game’s physics and the clock.

The Levels – Level design in this game is also well done.   Each level makes players think about how they are going to get the package through the maze, keep it balanced, and do it all in the shortest amount of time.   Also, there are 65 brain-teasing levels!

Here’s what we didn’t like:

Simplicity – Some users may find that the game’s control system is too simple. Those looking for a more in-depth challenge may want to steer clear.

Overall, Blocks: The Devilish Delivery Game is another one of those beautifully polished gems that are within the Indie Games marketplace.  If players are feeling like something different it is well worth the price.

Score: Buy It!