345 Games have revealed the final player roster for their upcoming MMA fighting game, Bellator: MMA Onslaught. Along with the roster of world-class fighters, the game will also feature a fighter creation and customization engine, with hundreds of individual moves that players can mix and match after choosing a base style. As players level up their fighter, they will earn the ability to buy and select new skills and moves, which they can then invest to augment their abilities in striking, ground, throws, defense and fitness. Players can then take their specialized fighter online where they can compete in player-versus-player ranked fights to secure their place on the “Onslaught Leader Board” and earn the chance to be immortalized in upcoming Bellator events live on-air. The final Bellator fighter roster looks as follows:

  • Pat Curran, current Bellator Featherweight World Champion
  • Joe “The Baddest Man on the Planet” Warren
  • Daniel Straus, Bellator Season 6 Featherweight Tournament Champion
  • Ronnie “Iron” Mann, 21-5 Featherweight
  • The Pitbull Brothers: Patricky and Patricio
  • Michael Chandler, current Bellator Lightweight Champion
  • Marlon Sandro, two-time Bellator Featherweight Tournament Finalist

Our own Nick Santangelo got to grips with the game at this year’s E3. Check out his thoughts in this in-depth preview here. Bellator: MMA Onslaught is set to release on XBLA this summer.