The Behemoth has revealed the first trailer for their fourth game, temporarily titled Game 4. The studio’s previous works inclue Castle Crashers and BattleBlock TheaterYou can see the trailer for Game 4 embedded below.

The Behemoth’s announcing blog post reads: “Shortly before the release of BattleBlock Theater we started working on something new. We schemed up a bunch of concepts and picked our strongest one. From there we fleshed out the lone survivor prototype!!! As it grew stronger and stronger, we polished it, furnished it with delights, and added (gluten free?) sprinkles. Yes, as the chicken dictates, this game is of a genre we haven’t covered before and seek to breathe a new flavor into. Maybe you can find a hint in the video below about which genre it is??”

Like The Behemoth’s other games, Game 4 features its iconic cartoony art style that revels in grim humor. The narrator tells about a peaceful planet that turned to chaos when a giant bear collided with it (of course). He loves the chaos, hates order, and wants to destroy everything he sees. Before you play it at PAX Prime, any guesses as to what the game is? Tell us your ideas in the comments!

Game 4 was first announced at PAX East earlier this year with just a cryptic image. The Behemoth is also bringing a life-size cupcake-being to PAX, so make of that what you will. Game 4 will be playable at PAX Prime next week.

Source: The Behemoth