The Behemoth have unveiled a new level editor for BattleBlock Theater. The editor, which has been kept secret throughout development, will allow players to create their own levels and upload them for others to download and rate. They have also revelead that the editor is the exact same one that the developers used to create all story mode levels and official arena levels. In keeping with the theatrical theme, The Behemoth are so proud they’ve even written a nice little poem to tell you all about it:

“It’s super easy to use!  Easier than putting on your own two shoes!
Create all kinds of twists and bends!
You can create & edit levels with friends!
Test it while you build it!  See if you’ve killed it!
Upload and share!  Download and rate!  What will you do with the each playlist’s fate?
Make it simple!  Make it complex!  A click of a button to amaze and perplex!”

BattleBlock Theatre is showing at PAX Prime right now so if you’re in the area pop along and let us know what you think.

Source: The Behemoth Blog