Mars_WarLogs_CombatWe’ve seen a lot of Mars: War Logs grungy, sun-kissed universe. Everything from cyberpunk screenshots to a serene music video, but we’ve never seen the third-person RPG in action, until today. Focus Home Interactive has released a brand new trailer showing off a combat scheme that appears strikingly similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum. So far, so good.

You’ll wade into groups of opponents, human or otherwise, swinging and firing any number of customizable weapons. You’ll dodge, duck, dip, dive and…dodge the blows and firearms of your enemies, countering attacks with precision timing. Most importantly, you’ll be able to choose your style of combat. Mars: War Logs features a three-tiered skilltree system that encompasses the holy trinity of combat styles.

If you’re a skull-cracker, the Combat tree might be your preferred choice for knock-down-drag-out brawls. The Technomant tree houses the more mystical arts, gifting you the cybernetic voodoo to hurl lighting and waves of energy from your fingertips. Lastly, for the sneaks and saboteurs, the Renegade tree might be the best fit with its emphasis on stealth takedowns and use of traps. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to further specialize as you advance in level by earning experience for completing quests and finishing off enemies.

Hit the jump for a look at how to navigate the hostile environments of the martian planet when Mars: War Logs releases this Spring.

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