Bang Bang Racing recently sped off the starting line with a trailer and screenshots combo and a website. Since then, the stadiums have been quiet, with the peanut gallery staring down the stretch holding their hands over their brows to block the sun so they won’t miss the next pass of cars. Well it seems another pack of media has been steadily zipping by the finish line starting a new lap of content showcases.

Over the last couple of weeks eight maps have been posted to Bang Bang Racing‘s facebook page along with a short blurb about each. Hit the jump for the screenshot gallery. Suffice to say, Digital Reality in collaboration with Playbox has gone for massive variety with these maps both in nature and in environment. Across these eight maps are very different themes from snow to sand, coastal to inland. More importantly, it seems as though each map will have several variations involving closing off parts of the map and opening others, turning straights into corners and vice versa. This is a fantastic alternative to the classic “go again, but this time, in reverse” cop-out because maps in reverse really aren’t that different. Throw in a series of six hairpins where before there was a straight, and that’s some majorly different racing.

Keep your eye on XBLA Fans as Bang Bang Racing moves into pole position.