More awesome from Ronimo Games, as if it’ll ever stop, with the latest character showcase. This time, Yuri is caught in the limelight! That is, if he’s got his healing upgrade. Yuri, easily described as a crazy ivan with a jetpack, is a character who doesn’t prefer to get into the thick of things. With a jetpack for mobility and a long range laser for damage, Yuri can stay at a safe distance if necessary. When a fight’s going down and nobody’s got an eye on the sky, however, Yuri can easily hover above and drop bombs, of which he has many different types. Lastly, when it’s time to defend, Yuri can deploy an aura around him which has different effects ranging from damage to healing. This gentleman, using the lightest definition of the word possible, is going to be an amazing pusher and defender due to his bombs, aura and range. To see more of what he has to offer, check the five minute gameplay video after the jump. Keep your eye on XBLA Fans for the final character showcase coming soon.