Archer, the lead character of the animated FX show of the same name, may very well be getting his own pinball table in developer Zen Studios’ Pinball FX2, and fans of the show and game have Twitter to thank for it. Earlier this afternoon, Neil Holman, the production designer and art director of Archer, responded to a tweet proposing an exchange of “dead hookers” (yes, you read that right) for his cartoon spy to get his own table with, “Man, if they’re up for it, I will put them in touch with whoever they need. End of the day, it’s FX’s call though.”

Both tweets were also directed at Zen Studios’ Twitter account, and the developer was apparently quite smitten with the idea, tweeting back “Please do,” in all caps, complete with a smiley face.

Finally, Holman responded to Zen’s tweet by requesting their contact info be privately sent to him so that he the two sides could make this thing happen. “DM me a contact email/info! I’ll put the wheels in motion,” tweeted Holman. Nothing is confirmed at this time, but it looks very likely that FX’s narcissistic spy is destined to get the silver-ball treatment through future DLC.

Amazingly, as Zen later pointed out to its fans, this new partnership was initially established entirely through the use of Twitter, which is pretty amazing. Furthermore, the spark that ignited the deal was a goofy request from a fan. Next time you want something from your favorite developer, try asking. Uh, you might want to leave out the “dead hookers” part, though. Microsoft, Ubisoft and the likes might not be as open to that sort of barter system. Just a thought.

Source: Twitter