German video game publisher Kalypso Media has delayed the release of platformer Alien Spidy to the fall. Time had been running out on the game’s originally planned summer release, so today’s delay announcement arrives with little shock value to go along with it. In development at Madrid-based Enigma Software, Alien Spidy‘s art direction has drawn comparisons to that of last year’s Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

Enigma struck a deal with Kalypso to bring the game to XBLA in November of last year. The game is being developed for the PlayStation Network and PC in addition to Xbox Live Arcade. A new trailer (above) was released to soften the blow of the delay.

Kalypso will be bringing Spidy to PAX Prime (August 31 – September 2) in Seattle later this month, and members of the XBLA Fans crew will be on-hand to give it a go. Todd‘s E3 preview offers a nice glimpse at the game for those who simply cannot wait for the report out of PAX Prime.