Another day, another bundle of Xbox Live Arcade games designed to fill out your digital library for one low cost. This time around Microsoft’s packaged five action titles for a mere 1600 MSP, quite the savings compared to the bloated 4400 MSP cost you’d incur should you purchase them individually.

The Action Packed Bundle houses a few XBLA favorites, and some lesser known titles that might have flown under the radar. The roster includes Ska Studios’ The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, in addition to Bloodforge, Unboud Saga, Islands of Wakfu and Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre.

It’s important to note that if you like what you see, you should jump on it, as the bundle will purportedly be around for a “very limited time”, according to Microsoft Studios. Additionally, if you’re in the mood for more bundles, you can check out the recently released Kinect Bundle, and the Beautiful Puzzle Pack.

Source: PlayXBLA