Kinect Bundle

Following on from the Beautiful Puzzle Pack, which snuck on to the marketplace yesterday, a new Kinect Bundle has also been spotted. The bundle is comprised of five full XBLA titles: Dragon’s Lair, Wreckateer, Home Run Stars, Haunt, and Diabolical Pitch. The package will set you back a mere 800 MSP which is a massive savings compared to buying all five separately. Each game in its own right costs 800 MSP, with the exception of Haunt which appears to be permanently reduced to 320 MSP.

We reviewed four of the five games included in the Kinect Bundle, even awarding Wreckateer and Haunt a “Buy It” rating. Diabolical Pitch fared less well with a “Try It” score and the less said about Dragon’s Lair the better. For those looking to dust off the old Kinect before the arrival of the Xbox One, this heavily discounted pack may hit the spot.