Joystiq had the opportunity to talk to Jeremiah Slaczka of 5th Cell at CES who revealed that the company is planning on releasing a whopping four titles in 2012. The first release will be Run Roo Run a new platformer for iOS, with another of the quartet being represented by the XBLA shooter Hybrid. Elaborating on the game, Mr. Slaczka states that Hybrid has undergone various changes since its initial reveal, which will be detailed in the near future. If you remember, Hybrid‘s core concept is drastically different from that of most modern shooters. The game utilizes the face buttons of the controller for movement as opposed to the analog sticks. We’re anxious to see what else 5th Cell is bringing to the Hybrid table.

The next logical question is, what are the other two projects that 5th Cell is working on? Could we see more of 5th Cell’s fruits and efforts appear on XBLA alongside Hybrid? We certainly hope so. Since the world may or may not be ending in December of this year, we hope 5th Cell is able to get their XBLA project(s) out before then. Stay tuned!

Source: Joystiq