Apologies for the delay in getting this weeks episode up, the various technical difficulties with the site caused some issues. But here it is, only a couple of days late. In the meantime you hopefully checked out our special episode about Bastion featuring Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games. If not go listen to it now!

It’s a slow news week so there’s only a few things to discuss before we move onto what we’ve been playing. Andrew talks about the trials of MLB Bobblehead DLC as well as the much more agreeable Warhammer 40k Kill Team which he reviewed. John and I discuss a few of the things we’ve been playing before we round out things with some twitter topics and questions.


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Hosted by:

John Laster (@cain141)

Andrew Crews (@twixprintmatic)

Produced & edited by:

Ross Adams (@randomlyrossy)

Music used:

Ms Splosion Man Theme – Twisted Pixel

News discussed:

Konami turn to fans for their next XBLA game

More South Park on XBLA

Indie Games Summer Uprising line-up announced