Toxic Games, a UK-based team founded by former classmates, began development of Q.U.B.E. as a student project in 2009 with no programming experience whatsoever. With the help of many around them and the Indie Fund startup, they were able to bring their dreams of creating a full game to life. Right now it’s PC only, but Toxic Games has informed XBLA Fans they have “strong ambitions to bring the game to XBLA in the Future.”

That game is Q.U.B.E., or “Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion”. Q.U.B.E. takes everything delightful about spatial puzzles, jigsaws and physics manipulating challenges and turns them first person, adding in some platforming to boot. Here’s how it works:

With the aid of technologically enhanced gloves, the player manipulates and navigates a deep space training facility packed with cubes. The player can pull red blocks one at a time, extract multiple cubes of yellow all at once, use blue for jumping, and push green cubes around in the environment.

Not sure how that all comes together? Check out their tech demo and screenshots after the jump. If this has you intrigued, check out Q.U.B.E. at PAX this year between August 26– 28 at Booth 6407 on Level 6.