Trine 2 is an action, adventure, puzzler, mixed up with breath taking backdrops and three well developed characters. Each of the puzzles you encounter are designed to be solved using the special abilities of every character. This is handled by allowing you to switch through all three characters at the press of a button in single player or play in co-op allowing each one to be controlled by another live person, which has it’s ups and downs as we said back in December. That has not stopped the game from creating an almost cult like fan base, and Frozenbyte Games has definitely taken notice to this.

Since February we have been teased with news of DLC coming our way this summer for Trine 2. Making sure to keep fans enthralled Frozenbyte Games, have made sure to slowly release information through interviews and video about the upcoming expansion. In this new making of video we get a glimpse at some of the concept art, from Juhani Jokinen, in several stages of development. We also get a brief description as to what role concept art plays and why it’s so important.