It was revealed last month that physics based, puzzle-platformer, Trine 2 would receive a large DLC expansion later this year. More details surfaced when Frozenbyte Marketing Director Mikael Haveri met with our own John Laster at the Game Developers Conference, and now a brand new teaser trailer has been produced by developers Frozenbyte.

The expansion, which is due out this summer, is set to include a six level campaign with new enemies and skills. These skills will also be playable with the original Trine 2 campaign, giving it a renewed playability. It’s also said to include some small updates to the main campaign and adds a new difficulty level. Frozenbyte are keen to call the add-on an “expansion” and not a basic DLC pack, insisting it will deliver a “AAAA experience” to fans of Trine 2.