We all made many sad faces when we found out that Monday Night Combat would be abandoning the XBLA DLC plans in favor of continued and bolstered support for the PC version. As it happens, more sadfaces are on the way as Trendy Entertainment has wound up in a similar bind when comparing their XBLA support versus PC for Dungeon Defenders. However, Trendy isn’t jumping ship like Uber Entertainment did (let’s call it like it is), there will be compromise. Here’s an excerpt of Trendy Entertainment’s post on their forums regarding console DLC:

After much thought and investigation, we’ve decided it’s unfeasible from both a technical and business standpoint to bring the PC-only content (Holiday DLC, New Heroes Pack, Barbarian, Assault Mission Pack, Nightmare Mode, Shops, etc.) to the console versions. This is for a variety of reasons including the massive restructuring of the current console game that would have to take place, the QA process necessary to prepare for submission, patch size limitations, patch stacking requirements, and the opportunity cost of pursuing other projects.

A moment of silence for the character DLC… Okay! Now that that’s over and everyone’s through being depressed, consider that the PC-only content isn’t ALL the content. Notably the XBLA version recently picked up the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards part 1, and there are more to come! Each one will have a new PVP map and challenge to accompany the mission map, 10 weapons, a new enemy, boss and finally a new pet. Considering the formula of the game that’s still plenty of new content, especially if it’s all as difficult and different as Part 1.

Our XBLA Fans Editor in Chief happened to visit Trendy Entertainment and discuss this very topic. Amongst all sorts of talking about Florida and probably sharing like high fives, or maybe a thumbs up, or perhaps even an over-dramatic fist thrust into the air, John and Trendy talked about some of what’s coming up in the next DLC. Part 2 of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards aims to be absolutely massive in scale, apparently matching the size of a 16-person Call of Duty map (assuming this is relative to the size of characters in Dungeon Defenders). The new enemy will be able to unsommon defenses and buff surrounding enemies and sounds like an absolute jerk. And lastly, due to the map’s size there will even be magic carpets in the interest of quick traversal. How magical, right? Thankfully to compensate for the lack of event-DLC and holiday-DLC, Trendy will be continuing their special game-night events where they have special missions and challenges with super powered unique loot on the line, which is pretty awesome of them.

While it’s unfortunate the characters hinted at in the game’s secret room will never grace the console, it’s good to know we XBLA players can still enjoy the main entree of DLC. No idea when this next bit will be out, but with sadness in our hearts and tears in our eyes we must, again, wish an awesome development company the absolute best as they go on to greatness on the PC, and thank them for at the very least giving us something. Not that we don’t love Uber Entertainment still.

Here’s the forum post with the rest of the release from Trendy Ent: Trendy Ent Forums.