The Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games has confirmed that the six characters featured in the trailer make up the final roster. From left to right, top to bottom it’s Yuri, Clunk, Voltar, Froggy G, Lonestar and Chameleon. Details on the characters and their roles are yet to come, but a dev had this to say on their forums:

In the initial release there will be 6 playable characters with each a distinct role, but there will be tools for the player to customize and tweak the characters. In some cases, this means you’ll be able to drastically change how some skills work. This is also to ensure that players can do a lot to mold characters to their playstyle. The Froggy G you’ll encounter in one game might be a different one than you’ll encounter in the next game. We haven’t announced any specifics on this system yet.

It’s safe to assume Clunk is a tank and Voltar is a “magician” of some sort, but the finer aspects are the best so we’ll have to wait for Ronimo to divulge more mercenary info goodness. Can’t wait. If you’re not sure what Awesomenauts is yet, check out our post on the details.