As reported by Joystiq, a new trailer has revealed that a video-game adaptation of popular Twighlight Creations board-game Zombies!!! is still in development, also confirming its upcoming release on XBLA. It’s not the first video-game adaptation of Zombies!!! Babaroga, the developer behind the upcoming game, also released a mobile version of the game as a launch title for Windows Phone 7 devices back in 2010.

The developer subsequently announced the development of a more substantial version of Zombies!!! over two years ago, but the project has largely fallen off the radar since then. But this latest trailer puts all doubts to rest, featuring the unmistakable Xbox branding and also gameplay footage that confirms avatar support.

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Babaroga has also released a “making of” trailer that explains in further detail how this turn-based, free-for-all zombie game works. An exact release date for Zombies!!! has not been revealed at this time.

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