Blacklight: Tango Down provided quite an impression following it’s release.  According to, Blacklight topped the arcade sales last week without breaking a sweat.  With the PC version releasing today and Playstation Network’s release uncertain, Zombie announces that a sequel is already in the works.  They are aiming for a Summer 2011 release, but it’s all pretty unknown at the moment.  All of this comes from the mouth of Zombie’s CEO, Mark Long, who also stated that they will focus more on fixing bugs than releasing DLC for Tango Down 1.

Do you think they’re shooting for a spot in next years Summer of Arcade lineup?   But ignoring my inquisition, Long says the sequel will feature larger maps and controllable mech-like vehicles.  Sounds awesome, hopefully they won’t take away the beautiful $15 price tag.  What are your thoughts on Blacklight: Tango Down?  Comment below and talk about it.