PC gamers have had the experience of mowing down zombies in Zombie Driver for two years now, but XBLA users will soon be able to join in on the fun with Zombie Driver HD. According to the announcement, the XBLA version of the game will be more polished and add more narrative to the experience that’s said to be twice as long as the PC version. There’s also new enemies, demolition missions and new vehicles including firetrucks and last but not least, tanks! The XBLA version will include all of the DLC and game modes from the PC version of the game with the addition of exclusive new content. On top of all that, the game will have additional tweaks like an improved camera, mini-map and a recharging afterburner in case you get swarmed. Check out the trailer above and make sure to get all the zombies out of your driveway when this hits in late 2011. Shout out to @lifelower for the tip!