Travel to exotic places, meet strange and interesting creatures, and punch them in the face. That’s Zeno Clash 2 in a nutshell, picking up right where the original left off. The first-person brawler is unique, to say the least, and available today for 1200 MSP in an effort to start your weekend off with some bare-knuckle fisticuffs.

Though Zeno Clash 2 continues onward from the first game in the series, it boasts a few improvements. There’s the fleshed out combat system, more environmental variety and some spruced up visuals, pumping additional power into the surreal aesthetic. If you never got around to playing Zeno Clash, piecing together the series’ bizarre universe will be no easy task. However, developer ACE Team has taken the necessary steps to allow new players a chance to catch up on the unique story.

To see how the game handles, the foot fist way, check out the gameplay trailer after the jump. If you’re still on the fence, rest assured we’ll have our official review up as soon as it’s ready.