The last few weeks of December are always filled with unsurprising announcements of releases announced for that calendar year that have failed to materialize have officially slipped into the following calendar year.

So it is with Yooka-Laylee‘s Toybox, which will give players an advance play experience. Developer Playtonic Games has now delayed from Q4 2015 to early 2016.

A post on Playtonic’s website explains that the developer felt confident during its Kickstarter campaign that it could have Toybox out in 2015, “but due to several circumstances — including external factors making our initial plans for a web-based player impractical — the Toybox has taken longer than expected to create.

“Just like everything we do, we want the Toybox delivered to backers to be polished, fun and representative of the quality we’re shooting for with the final game — not just a blank box to run around in.”

Toybox, which is exclusive to Kickstarter backers who contributed £20 (about $30) or more, isn’t exactly a traditional demo. Instead of dropping players into a Yooka-Laylee level, it will be a unique experience built from in-game assets but lacking any actual objectives.

Playtonic says it will use the extra time to make “double sure” Toybox is “polished to the highest standard.”

Source: Playtonic