Xbox One

In a small percentage of Xbox One consoles, users have reported hearing a loud noise while leaving the system on the dashboard.  The trouble apparently comes from the console being in a low power mode, and using other functions on the system, such as Kinect, can help to dissipate the buzzing.

A spokesperson from Microsoft, in a statement to Eurogamer, explained that the manufacturer is aware of the issue and will take the appropriate action to assist consumers.  The representative goes on to clarify that “while this does not affect the safety or functionality of the system, we’re asking customers who believe they are experiencing this issue to contact Xbox Support: At the request of our customers, we are exchanging those consoles for new systems.”  Despite the sound issue not being as pervasive or incapacitating as the Red Ring of Death fiasco which befell the Xbox 360 at launch and well into the first leg of its life, this annoyance with the Xbox One still may cause hesitancy to prospective console purchasers.  The bright side is that the problem is minor and largely superficial, and, overall, the issue has been addressed quickly and professionally by Microsoft.

Sources: Eurogamer and forum