Hey everyone. With Xbox One now out on the market, its new friends and follow system is here. Back in May, Microsoft confirmed the friend cap, originally 100 on Xbox 360, would be raised to 1,000 total friends. In addition, fellow gamers can now follow other gamers without actually friending each other, thanks to the allowance of an infinite amount of follows and followers. How does the follower system work exactly? Let’s break it down.

Say there is Person A and Person B. Person A chooses to follow Person B, thus Person B has one more follower. If Person B decides to follow Person A back, then Person A and Person B have now just become friends.

Much like how some of you may follow our staff on Twitter, we thought we’d share some of our staff’s gamertags with those readers who are picking up the Xbox One. We feel that having you follow our staff will not only strengthen our relationship to our awesome community, but also better coordinate future community playdates, allow for bragging to each other about our leaderboard standings and so forth. So, here’s a few of our gamertags to follow:

MR X 93 – Kyle Aufderheide – Community Manager

cain141 – John Laster – Editor-In-Chief

T0R ECKMAN – Nick Santangelo – Features Editor (Note: The 0 in T0R is a zero)

CrazedCow – Nick Depetris – Reporter

TheVestman – Shawn Saris – Video Coordinator

CapnMikeM – Mike Mahoney – Contributor

BlinkFandangoII – Vasu Chetty – Contributor (Note: The two “II” at the end are uppercase “I”s not lowercase “l”s)

xSRYANx – Shawn Ryan – Contributor

Kaiju Cowboy – Jared Miller – Contribitor

Yenzer – Jeff Yenzer – Community Consultant

Printmatic – Andrew Crews – Consultant

There you have it! Give us a follow through your shiny new Xbox Ones or the Xbox One Smartglass app on your respective smartphones. See ya’ online!